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How To Handle A Roof Leak

| JVW Contracting

A roof leak can quickly cause a lot of damage. Although there is never a convenient time for your roof to start leaking, there are things you can do to combat the roof leak effectively and prevent future leaks.

  1. Keep Your Possessions Dry – Once you realize your roof is actively leaking try to keep your possessions dry as best as you can. An effective way to do this would be to place a plastic covering or tarp over anything that can potentially be damaged by water.
  2. Collect The Water – Contain the water by allowing it to collect in a bucket or other type of container so that it does not continue to flow into your home. If you are unable to contain the water contact a roofing contractor that offer emergency service.
  3. Cleanup The Mess – Once you have the leak under control, dry all carpets, furniture, woodwork and anything else that was exposed to water. If left unattended to the water can stain, smell and trigger mold growth.
  4. Contact The Insurance Company – Depending on the amount of damage it may be a good idea to reach out to your insurance agent. Your insurance agent will be able to tell you how much of the damage, if any, is covered from the roof leak. Also, don’t forget you will still have to get the roof repaired.
  5. Repair The Roof Leak – Once the roof leak is under control contact a licensed roofing contractor to assess the roof leak and repair the roof correctly.
  6. Prevent Future Roof Leaks – After your roof has been repaired or replaced, consider taking some precautions that may help prevent future roof leaks.
  7. Trim Trees – Falling branches can puncture your roof, while low-hanging limbs can scrape your roof’s surface over time.
  8. Clean Gutters & Down Spouts– Don’t allow water to accumulate in your gutters. Use a garden hose to remove leaves and other debris regularly.
  9. Inspect Your Roof – Many roof leaks are caused by cracked or missing flashing, or compromised pipe collars. Inspect your roof each Spring to be sure everything looks ok. If you are not comfortable inspecting your own roof contact a professional roofing contractor.

If you are unfortunate enough to have a roof leak or any other roofing issues give your local roofing contractor a call immediately so you can take the proper actions to prevent further damage. For more information about roofing inspections, repairs or replacement contact JVW Contracting online or at (908)601-3733.