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Maintenance Tips For A Longer Lasting Roof

| JVW Contracting

Your roof protects your entire interior space and is considered to be one of the most important exterior components of your home. Yet many homeowners do not give the roof the attention it deserves.

Even though most asphalt roofs are designed to protect your home for 15+ years, the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) recommends you inspect your roof at least two times a year. Here are a few roof inspection tips and suggestions that homeowners can do to be sure they are getting the the most out of their roof.

  • Roof Inspections – Getting a professional roof inspection before that future home is officially yours will save you a lot of time and costly repairs down the road, which can also be a plus if and when you decide to sell your new home.
  • Trim Trees – To prevent damaging or puncturing your roofing shingles trim back and remove any branches getting too close to your roof.
  • Clear Roof Line – Remove any branches, leaves and other elements can clog your gutter system and cause water to backup into the attic, living areas or behind the fascia boards.
  • Check Attic – Be sure you have a well insulated attic and check for water stains and weak shingles after a heavy storm.
  • Visually Inspect Shingles – Being exposed to everyday wear and tear from various elements can cause shingles to become dilapidated and get torn off, making a roof structure and interior space vulnerable to water seepage and rot.

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