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Protecting Your Home While Your Roof Is Being Repaired or Replaced

| JVW Contracting

When preparing to have your roof repaired or replaced don’t forget to protect your home and property. Although JVW Contracting takes the proper precautions to protect your windows, landscaping and other parts of your home from damage it’s important that the homeowners also take some precautionary measures.

Protecting Your Home, Landscaping & Property

After discussing and understanding what your contractor will do to prevent damage it would be a smart idea to run through your checklist to be sure everything is protected. Here are a few suggestions:

Remove Wall Decor  – Nail guns, hammers, and other tools will most definitely create vibrations that travel through the walls of your home. To protect your photos, wall art and anything else that is hangin in your home we recommend taking the following steps:

  • Remove pictures, shelves, and art from the walls.
  • Take down any unsecured decorations.
  • Expensive chandeliers and lighting fixtures should be inspected and protected accordingly.

Cover Attic Contents – You may have accumulated quite a few items in your attic. During the roofing process there is a very good chance wood, dust and and debris from roofing shingles will get into your attic space. Be sure to cover your belongings with tarps or plastic.

Cover Your Landscaping -If you have shrubs and flowers around your home, you can protect them with tarps. For the best results, do this the day roof repairs begin, leaving openings that allow your plants to breathe. 

Additional Tips to Keep Your Property Safe During Construction Day

In addition to your home it’s important to protect the surrounding property. Here are are few extra measures that you may want to consider.

  • Cover Your Pool – If the pool is open you may want to throw clean tarp over it to prevent debris from damaging the liner or getting stuck in the filter. 
  • Mow The Lawn – Although we sweep, blow and use magnet to pick up nails it is almost a guarantee some will be missed, especially if your old roof was ripped off. 
  • Inform the neighbors – Be a thoughtful neighbor and let neighbors know when the roofers are coming. This will warn them about the extra noise and activity during the project.

If you need help determining whether to repair or replace your roof, our experts can perform an inspection to make your decision easier.

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