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When Should You Call A Professional Roofer

| JVW Contracting

It is recommended that you have a roofer inspect your roof every couple of years to be sure there are no problems. However, you can keep an eye out for the following without having to go up on the roof.

  • Sagging Roof – Sagging can be caused by a number of different things. Take a good look at your roof from a distance and looks for dips or uneven portions. If you suspect any type of sagging call for a roofing inspection immediately as the damage will have to be assessed from on top of your home.
  • Clogged Gutters – Overtime debris can accumulate on your roof and ultimately make its way into your gutters causing your gutters and downspouts to become clogged. This is very common in areas with a lot of foliage. If you notice that your gutters are clogged and water is not running through the downspouts it may be a good idea to call a roofer to inspect the area of the roof surrounding the clogged gutter as many times the build up of water can cause rot.
  • Broken or Missing Shingles – Overtime your roofing shingles will crack but that does not necessarily mean you have to replace the entire roof immediately. Look for multiple cracked shingles or shingles that are missing. Many times this is easy to spot from the ground.

If you notice any of these 3 potential roofing issues give your local roofing contractor a call immediately so you can take the proper actions to prevent further damage. For more information about roofing inspections, repairs or replacement contact JVW Contracting online or at (908)601-3733.