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Do You Need An Emergency Roof Repair?

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Sometime homeowners under estimate the importance of repairing a damaged roof. It’s safe to say that any roof leak is an emergency. Understanding what to look for when trying to detect a roof leak is a very important part of home ownership.

Detecting Roof Leaks In Your Home

Water Stains – If you can see water stains extending  across ceilings, or running down your walls it is safe to say that you probably have a roof leak. Keep in mind that it is possible to have a water stain in one spot, especially a low spot on the ceiling, as water can travel a long way before penetrating through drywall.

Mold – If you detect mold in your attic there is a chance it was result of water and should be remediated and monitored immediately.

Frosty Nails – Do you see nails protruding through the wood in your roof from the attic? If those nails have frost on them there is a chance there is a leak at the nail or higher up.

Damaged Seals – Check the insulation and seals around any plumbing going up through the roof to be sure it is not damaged.

Poor Flashing – If you see missing pieces of flashing or if the flashing has pulled away from the surface it was mounted to you can definitely expect roofing issues at some point.

Holes In Shingles – Look closely for tiny holes in shingles. These can be easy to miss or you might see them and think that it is not leaking. But it can be a slow deterioration problem and can cause damage for years before you realize what is happening.

Roof Leak Repair Specialists In NJ

If you are unfortunate enough to have a roof leak or any other roofing issues give your local roofing contractor a call immediately so you can take the proper actions to prevent further damage. For more information about roofing inspections, repairs or replacement contact JVW Contracting online or at (908)601-3733.

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