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5 Tips To Prepare For Your Roof Replacement

| JVW Contracting

Here are 5 tips to help make your roof replacement go as smoothly and safe as possible.

5 Replacement Roof Preparation Tips

Make Arrangements For Your Children & Pets – While it may be exciting to watch from a safe distance, work zones are extremely unsafe for children and pets. Have a discussion with your children and explain that the areas around your home are off-limits until the roofers are done. It may also be a good idea to bring your pets to an alternate location if possible during construction as the noise may be disturbing.

Move Your Vehicles – The roofing company should get the prime parking spots. Contractors need quick access to their tools and trucks throughout the day and they will need a place to load shingles and debris. You’ll want to keep your vehicles a safe distance from this area until work is completed.

Protect Personal Items In The Attic – As the contractors walk on your roof and found it with their hammers dust and/or small debris may fall into attic spaces. If you store personal items in your attic it may be a good idea to protect your belongings by covering them until the roofing company is finished. Be prepared to wipe down and vacuum in these areas after construction is complete.

Remove Patio Furniture Away From Your Home – To prevent debris from falling on your patio furniture it would be best to relocate these items to a shed or garage while your new roof is being installed. If you don’t have on-site storage, you may want to put these items together in an area of the yard that is a safe distance from the work zone.

Make Your Neighbors Aware – It would be a neighborly think to do if you warned your neighbors about the planned work. Giving them an anticipated timeframe will give them an opportunity to adjust their schedules and situations so that they can be most comfortable while the work is going on.

It’s is always best to communicate with your roofing company throughout the roof installation process. Ask if they have any other suggestions to make this work smoother for their crew and your family. Remember that this construction and any inconvenience it brings is temporary.

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